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Complete quests and level up to get exclusive access to generous rewards, personalized gifts and high-volume auctions!

Enlighten the Society
Reward: 130 USDT
The Frequent Bidder
Reward: 250 USDT
The Journalist
Reward: 25 USDT
Rising Bidder
Reward: 100% USDT
The Daily Bidder
Reward: 100 BIDs
The Consistent Bidder
Reward: 50 BIDs
Auctions Starter
Reward: 10 BIDs
The Social Butterfly
Reward: 15 BIDs
Voice of Reason
Reward: 5 USDT
Wise Man
Reward: 10 USDT
The Coin Collector
Reward: 500 USDT
Satoshi Nakamoto
Reward: 250 USDT
Ether Things
Reward: 150 USDT
Win in a Row
Reward: 100 USDT
The High Roller
Reward: 1000 BIDs
The Influencer
Reward: 50 USDT

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World's first and the biggest crypto bidding service. With a player-centric approach, COINBLAST.COM is able to satisfy millions of clients across the globe. COINBLAST.COM has its priority set on its community, ensuring an everlasting and endlessly entertaining bidding experience.
CoinBlast.com is operated by Coinspace LLC, registered under incorporation number: 2016, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. CoinBlast.com service is unavailable for the residents of the U.S., Iran and GCC countries. Be aware that COINBLAST.COM is not a gambling or casino website to offer any games of chance or games of skill for money or other prizes. CoinBlast.com runs solely the penny auctions for cryptocurrencies. Thank you for choosing CoinBlast.com.